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The Hotel Paulin is located in the center of Trier and is easy to reach by car, bicycle or public transport.


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Visit the three great Trier museums:



At the end of the pedestrian zone is the Karl Marx House, where Karl Marx was born in 1818. Today the house serves as a museum, which informs about his life and his work.


The amphitheater can be easily reached by bus or bike. After its completion around 100 AD, it accommodated 18,000 visitors and was one of the 10 largest Roman arenas of antiquity – here gladiators fought!

Trier - what is worth visiting and learning about?

For guests who are visiting Trier for the first time, we can help you plan your

sightseeing trips to interesting places in the oldest city along the river Mosel. We are also pleased to offer you our arranged sightseeing tours.

If you are unable to reach your destination by foot, all important bus lines are available from the Porta Nigra. The popular Mosel bike tour is only a 5-minute bike ride away.

Porta Nirga

Die Sehenswürdigkeit Porta Nigra, das schwarze Tor, in Trier

Trier, Porta Nigra, römisches Stadttor

The Paulin Hotel is situated only a minute from the Porta Nigra. The Porta Nigra (black gate), the famous landmark of the city, was built around 180 AD as a northern city gate and is considered today as the best preserved city gate from antiquity. Next to it you can find the Tourist Information Office, with the pedestrian zone immediately adjacent, where you can comfortably reach Triers main sights by foot. One of the historic monuments in the pedestrian zone are the roman baths on the Viehmarkt, which were discovered in 1987 when excavating an underground car park. These are located inside a protective building with glass facades, designed by the well-known architect Oswald Mathias Ungers.

Trier´s Cathedral

Der Dom in Trier mit einem Weinschiff im Vordergrund

Weinschiff, Dom

Trier Cathedral is just a few minutes’ walk away. It is the oldest Episcopal Church in Germany and houses the Holy Rock, the fragments of the tunic of Jesus Christ. During the last pilgrimage in 1996 about 700,000 pilgrims came to Trier.

The Basilica of Constantin

The second largest church in Trier, the Konstantinbasilika, can be reached on foot in about 10 minutes. It houses the largest room, which has survived from ancient times, with an impressive length of 67 m, 27 m wide and 33 m high. The Kurfürstliches Palais is located practically next to the basilica. Its Rococo wing, together with the adjoining palace garden, offers a magnificent backdrop.

Just a few meters further you will find the Kaiserthermen, a Roman baths complex with underground labyrinthine corridors, built around 300 AD.